Technical College Čačak

At a Glance

Čačak is cultural and economic heart of Western Serbia, situated 140 km south from Belgrade. Čačak is an industrial town with 100 000 inhabitants. There is an educational network of high quality, with 5 higher education institutions, a city library, two renowned institutes.

Technical College Čačak is a Public Higher Education institution. It was founded in 1960. We envision TCC as a professional college for developping and promoting educated, engaged and employable individuals whose expertise in engineering is aimed at becoming the driving force of industry.

In 2010 the City of Čačak Awarded TCC for Excellence in Education.


TCC in numbers:

  • GRADUATES, since foundation: 6000
  • SPECIALISTS, since foundation: 500
  • FACULTY and STAFF: 100
  • freshmen get full scholarship: 246
  • freshmen pay for the studies: 65
  • TCC awards 2 best ranked candidates (at specialist studies) with full scholarships